What Path Will You Choose?

PathwayThere are so many paths that we can take in life.  I have taken many paths in my years. Paths that were good, and paths that would have surely led me to my destruction..  There were fun paths, and there were some very sad paths.   All of this to say the best path I ever decided to take was the Path of Righteousness.  Once I got on that path, I never wanted to go any place else.  It is a path of safety and love.  The Lord always goes before me on this path.  He leads me and guides me as I follow Him there.  On this path there is no death.  Right now as I walk with the Lord, I have stage 4 advanced cancer with no cure  and I am not afraid.  There is nothing to fear when we are on the Path of Righteousness.  I am experiencing sweet peace that only  the Lord can give.  If you want to walk this path that I walk.  You must give your life to the Lord,  tell Him you want to be His child and walk with Him.  He will embrace you and set you on that Path of Righteousness.