Created For His Pleasure

Creation For His PleasureOh Lord, you are worthy to receive all of our praises, and we honour you.  We give our lives to you.  You are all powerful and mighty to save, heal, and love us your creation.  You are the creator of everything that is, and it is so beautiful Lord.  You did all of this for your pleasure, so I wonder is your favorite color blue?  This wonderful blue planet that we live on, and the sky so blue.  The lakes and the rivers so beautiful as they reflect the blue of the sky.  The earth is 75% water.  I really do wonder Lord if your favorite color is blue.  Thank you for all of creation Lord and most of all you for you.  Amen

Listen To The Lord

Drop Net doneAfter the Crucifixion and the Resurrection Jesus appeared to His disciples on many occasions.  One of my favorites is the story of the multitude of fish.  The disciples went out fishing in a boat, they fished all night and they had nothing.  In the morning they were close to shore and they heard a man yelling at them.  They didn’t know it was Jesus, but the man told them to drop their nets on the right side of the boat and they would find fish.  So they did, and their nets were so full they could hardly lift them.  They got out of the boat as it was shallow where they were and they drug their nets to shore. They looked up and saw that the man was Jesus.  He had built a fire,and had bread.  He said let’s have breakfast together. So they cook some of the many fish and dined with Jesus.  How wonderful that was.  Now that Is a true warm fuzzy! I’m sure the disciples were so happy to see Him and to sup with Him by a warm fire.  The Lord wanted to bless them, and He was very precise.  He told them the right side of the boat.  Lets not miss our opportunity’s by not listening to the Lord and precisely following Him.   I got the opportunity to see a multitude of fish as I came upon salmon spawning.  I was reminded of this wonderful event in the Bible.

God Of Patience

likeminded DoneOh My, the Lord is so patient with us.  I know I have failed Him so many  times, but he is patient, with me because He loves me.  When I get in trouble or I’m hurt, he is the first to console me and comfort me.  He is not condemning.  Convicting yes, but not condemning.  We need to be just like Him.  Patient, not jumping to conclusions.  Consoling and comforting to one another, through hardships and grief.  When someone does something wrong, people are quick to condemn them.  They don’t need a lecture or condemnation,  They just need some patience and understanding.  Lets be like minded with the Lord and treat one another as He would.

God Paints

God PaintsCreation is one of the greatest witnesses of our Lord.  While traveling we visited the Painted Desert in Arizona.  I was amazed as usual.  I saw the hand of God in that Desert.  He speaks to us from that desert sand..  He makes us smile when we walk there, and gives us thrills and excitement with each new discovery.  How can anyone doubt our God?  In this picture that I took, I see the heavens and they are glad.  I see the earth rejoicing as it is painted in all of these beautiful colors.  Oh that men would say among the nations, the Lord Reigneth.

Can God Remember You?

cameo 7

Do you ever ponder how God can remember you?  I have wondered about that at times, but scripture tells me that he is omnipotent, meaning having all power and authority.  There is nothing He can’t do.  Mere man can dream up computers, space travel and the like.  Just imagine what our God can do.  It is hard to wrap our little finite minds  around what He can do.  He is with us always, and hears all of our prayers and loves us all individually.  Having said all of this, it’s not hard for me to believe that our face is in His hand much like the cameo’s above.  Our face is always before Him.  How awesome is that!  When the Lord made that  clear to me I began collecting Cameo’s, it is such a beautiful visual aid for me.  He is looking at you right now! He does remember you!

One Heart

Heart Hill  doneAs a Photographer, today’s photo is is one of the most amazing I have had the privilege of taking.  This one was taken near Atascadero, Ca. on a country road.  When I saw this I slammed on the breaks and jumped out of the car and started shooting.  I love it when the Lord shows us these things.  There was a grove of trees growing from a hill in the perfect shape of a heart.  To make it even better, right in front of the heart was a vineyard.  I immediately saw what the Lord was showing me.  The multitude of people who believed were of one heart.  I love this picture and hope you enjoy it too.  Its so great to be a believer.  We really are one heart, we are the body of Christ.

Communicate, The Heart Of A Good Relationship

How is your communication these days:  Are you communicating with your spouse?  Are you communicating with your children?  Many marriages are lost because of lack of communication, and many children are lost for the same reason.  We need to take time to listen to hearts, and communicate our heart as well.  Not in a frenzy of anger, but in the calmness of love, anything can be discussed. .Things are going so fast in the world in which we live, that the simple act of communication is being forgotten.  It is important to understand why people do the things they do.  Try to aid an understand each situation.  With sincere communication we can avoid many tragic situations.  The most important thing of all is our communication with the Lord.  That can also be lacking. He so desires us to cry unto Him.  He wants to show us great and mighty things, things that we can’t even imagine: But it’s not going to happen if we don’t take time to communicate with Him.  He wants to hear our voice when we are overwhelmed or sad, and He wants to hear from us when we are happy.  That is good communication, and relationship.  In doing so you are privy to things that are beyond our thinking.  His ways of solving a problem are amazing, and his idea’s for our walk with Him are exciting.  It all starts with constant communication.  Talk to your spouse today, listen and hear their heart.  Talk to those kids today, give them time, help them to share even the hardest things.  Talk to the Lord and see what he has for you today.