The Super Moon

Have you ever gone out to see the super moon? I hadn’t,  but living in Colorado the moon is quite often very Large.  However the super moon, that was the biggest I have ever seen.  It occurs when the moon is at its closest point to the earth.  I was so impressed that I went out on two nights to view it.  I was able to get this photo without a tripod or special lenses.  I love how David used the sun and the moon as examples of Gods faithfulness. Gods Throne,  His Seed will endure forever. The moon is a faithful witness in heaven !  I love it.  On the second night I took my two youngest granddaughters to see the super moon.  We drove out on a country road where we could see it as it came up in the sky.  When it popped up over the hills, the girls screamed with joy, as if they were at a special moon event.  They were amazed at how clear they could see the moon, our faithful witness.

One In Christ Jesus


What a wonderful world this would be if we could all live by this scripture.  But there are so many who are not in Christ ,  and those who are in Christ but not totally surrendered.  I once had a ministry to Korean women, and they would often validate their ungodly actions by saying it was Korean style.  I in turn would tell them when we are Christians we are no longer Koreans or Americans, in the realm of the Spirit, we must do things Jesus style.  We can’t excuse our actions by our location, that  is why there is such strife among nations.  There is not bond or free, meaning we are all the same in His eyes whether we are in jail or free as long as we know Him.  That is why he is so concerned that we go to the prisoners with His love.  The gender issue in the work place would be a non issue if we all lived by this word from the Lord.  As impossible as this seems, we can be assured that if not here, we will live this way in Heaven.  While here on earth we should try to live Jesus style and little by little, change this world so that one day we can all be one in Christ Jesus.

We Are The Light Of The World

oregon lighthouse doneWe are His lights in the World.  We are the only thing that is keeping this world from complete darkness.  That is why it is so important that we let our lights shine brightly.  Let people see our good works, Our nice smiles and pleasant demeanor’s.  I have noticed that even the nice smiles are often missing in the hustle bustle of daily life.  The warmth a Christian can shed about is so obvious to those who need the Lord.  People are attracted to our love.  They will know we are christians by our love, and that can make a big difference in someone’s life.  I had a gift shop for about ten years and I experienced how giving that business to the Lord and letting Him fill my store with His presence impacted people’s lives.  It was said by many of my customers that the store was a lighthouse on the street it was on.  There were those who would walk in the store and tears would begin to fall down their cheeks.  Many found the Lord there in our little store on Main street, because Jesus was there,and I shined my light as bright as I possibly could.