Free As A Bird

Set FreeA beautiful bird of prey flew into our yard and blessed both my husband and myself.  Not being able to get out to nature these days, the Lord brought nature to us.  When ever I take a bird photo, I am always reminded of the above scripture.  Our soul has been set free from the snare of the Fowler.  We are escaped!  The Fowler will try to snare us and lock us up on a daily basis if we let him.  The devil is the Fowler, and the Lord has set us free from his snare.  The devil has been trying to snare my mind and my husbands as well, but that beautiful bird coming into our yard reminded us that we are not trapped.  We are free and able to live every moment with joy and thanksgiving.  The above bird is a bird of prey, you can tell that by the hooked bill and talons.  It was very large, about 14 inches tall.  I believe it is a type of hawk.  Have a wonderful day and take your freedom back from the Fowler, the Lord has set you free.

The Good Shepherd

The Good ShepherdThe Lord, our good shepherd gave His life for His sheep.  We are the Lords Sheep!  It’s hard for many to compare themselves to sheep.  I think you have to give your life to the Lord and thus come into the sheepfold, to really realize what being a sheep means.  Sheep are stubborn, and have need to be led.  The Lord longs to lead us and take care of us like the good shepherd that he is.  My daddy was a truck driver and on occasion would haul sheep, and cattle.  Mom took me and my brother on night to see our dad where he was loading sheep into the truck trailer for shipment.  They were refusing to go up the ramp  into the trailer,so my Daddy got on his hands and knee’s and went up the ramp baa-ing like a sheep.  They all followed him up the ramp.  I was probably about 4th grade at the time but I never forgot how those sheep had to be led.  Its true,, we as sheep, need a leader someone to follow and trust.  There is none other shepherd that we should follow than Jesus.  He goes after the one that is lost, He feeds the sheep, protects the sheep, loves those sheep, and basically, gives the sheep everything they need.  Are you acknowledging that you are a sheep?  Have you decided to follow the shepherd?

Love Like Our Lord

Fathers LoveOh how he loves us.  I feel His love every day, and I am so grateful for that.  He simply asks us to continue in His love.  Continue in His love is the very least we can do.  We should love wherever we are.  Smile and be cheerful.  It is amazing how people respond to that kind of love.  It is almost as if they aren’t expecting kindness.  We should always try to be like Jesus.  He is the best example we could ever have of love.  This brings me to another area of love.  Love of our mate, and showing it.  My wonderful husband of 46 years has always shown me so much love.  I am very blessed that the Lord brought us together.  He has always brought me flowers. Spoiled me a lot, and even now that he is too sick to go out and buy me flowers he will tell me to go buy myself some flowers.  The ones in the above photo are some of those.  He continues in that love everyday of our life.  Lets all continue in the Lords love at home and when we are out and about.  It’s the only way to live.  He can use that love in so many ways as we are obedient to continue in His LOVE.


BelieveBELiEVE is a very common word today.  We see it on jewelry, t-shirts, posters, phone cases and on and on it goes.  BUT what is everyone believing in?  Are we believing in our self? Maybe we are believing in Buddha, or some Eastern religion.  Are we believing in sports as our lifes’ ambition.  Some believe in money!  Jesus says that those who believe in Him will have everlasting life.  Think of it, everlasting life! That is something that no thing or anybody can give us.  It’s priceless to think of living forever with the Lord.  No man can come to Jesus unless the Father draws him.  Are you being drawn?  Maybe you are being drawn as you read this post.  Think about this today!