They That Go Down To The Sea In Ships

To the Sea in ShipsOn the Third day of our visit, we headed down to Dana Point Harbor.  Such a beautiful place to walk and take in the fresh sea air.  Korean Mom and Audrey wanted to see the Pacific Ocean.  There is something calming and peaceful in a place like this.  I am sure that those who do go down to the sea in ships see amazing works of the Lord.  I know the times I have been on a cruise, I am fascinated by the sunrise, and sunset at sea.  I got to see the green flash at sunset on several cruises.   I  also love seeing the whales and sea life.  On this day Joys husband Nate was home from work and able to spend time with the mother in law he just met.  They loved Nate and they were so happy with Joys life.  They were able to meet each of the girls husbands.  It is hard to express all the joy and happiness that was taking place during this precious visit.  The Lord knows, and he ordained it I am sure!Homecoming and K Moms Visit 2015 067

I Will Sing Praise To Thee Oh Lord


IMG_1447Reunion and love abound, as we traveled to Aliso Park for a picnic and a celebration of being together.   More importantly we found our self praising the Lord for great things he has done.  We enjoyed a nice lunch, then spontaneously began to sing unto the Lord.  Singing in English and Korean together.  I even remembered Korean songs from my 4 visits to Korea.  I have a funny story about when we were in the process of adopting these three girls.  I was watching Christian television (TBN) and saw a fabulous choir singing there.  They talked a bit about how they were soon going to Korea to minister music. They were from Buena Park Community Church and were called the Day Of Rejoicing Choir.   They were looking for someone who could teach them Korean songs.  I knew a few songs from when Jerry and I went to get our Baby Grace.  I was so wrapped up in Korea , and the three girls that were there waiting for time to come to America.  I called the Church there in Buena Park, and talked to the Pastor.  I told him I knew some Korean songs in Korean, and he was delighted.  I made arrangements to meet with them a week later for choir practice. I so loved the Korean language and songs that I bought a couple tapes while we were there.  The week before going to that practice I listened to those tapes over and over and phonetically wrote the words to the songs and copied them off for the choir members.  I taught the songs I knew, and ones I didn’t know in Korean such as , (I Would Rather Have Jesus)  (Amazing Grace) ( Blessed Be The Name)  and several others.  The choir sang them beautifully as they read from my hand written phonetic words.  All went well and it turned out that two members couldn’t travel to Korea so they asked me to go with them.  There was one more spot so I asked my friend and also someone who loved Korea to go with me.  She played the viola and brought it to play at the concerts the choir was scheduled for.  We arrived at LAX to go to Korea and Korean Airlines was not going to allow the instruments the Choir had, go with them.  They had a Band that was going as well.  The choir decided to sing at Korean Airlines so that the Lord would touch the officials hearts.  They started singing and a crowd gathered there.  Fear gripped me as I suddenly had the horrible thought that their Korean might be wrong and that it would make matters worse.  The Choir sang on in Korean and many Koreans were watching so I carefully went to a Korean Man and asked him what language they were singing in.  To my delight and relief he said they are singing Korean, and they are very good.  Soon after the airline agreed to let them load the instruments and speakers.  Away I went on the wings of songs to the Lord in Korean.  Off to visit my daughters to be.   I was taken back to that time as we sang there in the park. Korean Mom prayed, and the whole day was all together wonderful.

The Lord Preserves Our Coming And Going

Tufa Trail 3

The Lord blessed and preserved the going of these girls to America and grew them in the Lord for thirty six years.  The Lord blessed their mother in Korea and preserved her for her great sacrifice and dedication to pray for our family here in America.  The Lord also blessed their sister who suffered a great loss when all of her sisters were going to America.  The Lord preserved her as she stayed and was at her mothers side for those thirty six years.  She too grew to become a strong woman of God.  The airport at this reunion must have been bathed in the glow of love.IMG_1460

Homecoming and K Moms Visit 2015 029

Together Again

Pure Religion

File0014Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this.  To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world. 

James 1:27

Thirty seven years ago, I went to Korea to meet our new daughters, their Mother and Sister.  It was a very wonderful meeting.  Language was a problem but love was abundant.  It was then that the above scripture became real to me.  Here a mother with four beautiful daughters was widowed and her husband wished the girls to be adopted to United States before his death.  A hard decision and sacrifice for this mother still grieving the loss of her husband. But great wisdom from this devoted father.  He knew the advantages they would have coming to America.  After much prayer, she decided to let them go , and a year later we received them at the Los Angeles International Airport.


We have had a wonderful life with these children, and now they are strong wonderful, Godly women.  Can’t imagine life had we not followed the Lord on this journey to Korea.  We are not pure, nor are we undefiled.  I wouldn’t even say that, but we had hearts to follow the Lord wherever he would ask us to go.   It was hard, and there was a time when I thought I can’t do this, I can’t take this woman’s children.  I agonized over it and prayed and the Lord did give me peace.  The photo above is of Jerry and I, with our son Chris, and baby Grace receiving the girls.  Thirty six years later at the same airport, we met again to receive, their Korean Mom and Sister.   I will share that meeting tomorrow!

He Perfects Things That Concern Me

Perfects the concernsThirty eight years  ago the Lord spoke to me in a dream that began a journey to Korea, where my husband and I adopted four beautiful girls.  Our first a baby girl came to our home at five months old.  The Lord called us again , and when she was two years old, and our home was filled with three more girls.  Their ages were five, nine and twelve.   They all joined our natural born son was who nine when the three sisters came.  We have all lived happily after for thirty eight years.  Several months back our three sibling girls got a call from their Korean mother and sister who stayed in Korea with mom, desiring to have a reunion with our girls.  It came as a surprise, but one I fully expected to happen one day. It was an open adoption, I met the mother.  It brought mixed emotions, just because I am a Mom and I didn’t know exactly how it was going to play out.  The girls wanted me to be there when this happened, and being sick with this cancer made it seem like a big trip for me mixed with the probable emotions that may come. I shared with the girls that I may be sick and laying down a lot .  That I wouldn’t be able to share in the joy of meals because I had no desire to eat, no taste, and nausea 24-7.  They said, mom if you just have to lay down all the time we still want you there. We will take good care of you.  Jerry couldn’t go because he is too sick.  I said I would go, but both Jerry and I worried about how it would be for me.  I went to the oncologist the Friday before I flew out to California and we talked about how bad it had become for me over the nine months of treatment.  I had been on the highest dose of this Chemo drug.  He said I think we have pushed this as far as we can, I want you to stop, and take a one week break from chemo.  I then told him I was going to California for a week.  He said that is good, your nausea should go and your taste should return in a few days.  Have a good time and enjoy eating again.   By the time I left which was 4 days, I could taste the Starbucks I got at the airport.  My Nausea was gone and I actually felt as though I didn’t have cancer at all.  I felt strong and so happy to go to this meeting feeling like me and ready to bless, and enjoy our Korean family.   The Lord perfected the things that concerned me.  Our girls were amazed to see me eat and drink without feeling like I had to force it.  I was able to enjoy the Korean food that I love and was anticipating.  Only our precious Lord could have done that for me.  I had asked the doctor before if I could have a medication vacation, and he said no because of the severity of my cancer.  But I am sure the Lord spoke to Him.   I will write more about this amazing week tomorrow……….Praise the Lord with me today for he has helped this daughter of His.

All Things Work Together For Good.

All thinAll Thingsgs do work together for good, to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.  Romans 8:28  I think it is important to note that it works for those who KNOW GOD.

How on earth do people survive without that wonderful promise.  As his child I see crazy things work for good in my life.  Also note that the scripture says ALL things work together, not some things, but ALL things.  I have that circled in my Bible because that is life to me at times.  As many know I have Stage 4 Advanced Renal Cancer.  Kidney Cancer metastasized to my lungs and lymph nodes.  I have been on Chemo for nine very difficult months, but regularly find Gods Good in all of this.  One of the first things that happened is my Hair turned Platinum.  What woman wouldn’t like that. I love it, no more hair dye!  I have always had lots of hair, and God knew that I needed lots, as I lose my hair it hardly notices.  I have become very good at styling thin hair.    I have been very nauseated, had no appetite, and lost my taste.  I have lost over 40 lbs, what woman wouldn’t like that.  I embrace the good I can find in all of this.   Good is always there, we just have to look for it.  The best good is that I am still alive and enjoying my husband and family.  If I had not been taking this medicine I would have been gone in 3 months

Do you know the Lord?  If you do, you have been called for a purpose.  The Lord will turn all of those bad things around for you.  He is faithful, are you?  If you don’t know Him, you are missing out!  Seek the Lord today, he is waiting for you.