He Perfects Things That Concern Me

Perfects the concernsThirty eight years  ago the Lord spoke to me in a dream that began a journey to Korea, where my husband and I adopted four beautiful girls.  Our first a baby girl came to our home at five months old.  The Lord called us again , and when she was two years old, and our home was filled with three more girls.  Their ages were five, nine and twelve.   They all joined our natural born son was who nine when the three sisters came.  We have all lived happily after for thirty eight years.  Several months back our three sibling girls got a call from their Korean mother and sister who stayed in Korea with mom, desiring to have a reunion with our girls.  It came as a surprise, but one I fully expected to happen one day. It was an open adoption, I met the mother.  It brought mixed emotions, just because I am a Mom and I didn’t know exactly how it was going to play out.  The girls wanted me to be there when this happened, and being sick with this cancer made it seem like a big trip for me mixed with the probable emotions that may come. I shared with the girls that I may be sick and laying down a lot .  That I wouldn’t be able to share in the joy of meals because I had no desire to eat, no taste, and nausea 24-7.  They said, mom if you just have to lay down all the time we still want you there. We will take good care of you.  Jerry couldn’t go because he is too sick.  I said I would go, but both Jerry and I worried about how it would be for me.  I went to the oncologist the Friday before I flew out to California and we talked about how bad it had become for me over the nine months of treatment.  I had been on the highest dose of this Chemo drug.  He said I think we have pushed this as far as we can, I want you to stop, and take a one week break from chemo.  I then told him I was going to California for a week.  He said that is good, your nausea should go and your taste should return in a few days.  Have a good time and enjoy eating again.   By the time I left which was 4 days, I could taste the Starbucks I got at the airport.  My Nausea was gone and I actually felt as though I didn’t have cancer at all.  I felt strong and so happy to go to this meeting feeling like me and ready to bless, and enjoy our Korean family.   The Lord perfected the things that concerned me.  Our girls were amazed to see me eat and drink without feeling like I had to force it.  I was able to enjoy the Korean food that I love and was anticipating.  Only our precious Lord could have done that for me.  I had asked the doctor before if I could have a medication vacation, and he said no because of the severity of my cancer.  But I am sure the Lord spoke to Him.   I will write more about this amazing week tomorrow……….Praise the Lord with me today for he has helped this daughter of His.

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My desire is to share my photography, to honor the Lord, and send out His word to all who might read. My photo's will include a scripture,and I write a devotional for each entry. The very least that I can do for our precious Lord Jesus. I am a wife to Jerry, my wonderful husband. We have 5 children, and 7 granchildren.

4 thoughts on “He Perfects Things That Concern Me”

  1. It was a sweet miracle the week you were here! We had so much fun with you mom & it wouldn’t have been the same without you beside us! Thank you again for coming!


  2. Dear Darlene, How awesome is Our God! I am delighted to hear of how He arranged your life for this special week.

    No doubt you were a blessing to everyone. I am blessed by your good news. Hugs, Debbie


  3. Found your wonderful web site last week, you have such a beautiful way of expressing yourself. I was sharing with Lisa how special you are and how amazed I am at how you and Jerry never miss (even with your illness) an opportunity to enjoy your wonderful family. To share in those very special moments in their lives. You both are on my mind & in my prayers always, but I realized I have never actually told you. You are my hero.
    Give my love to all


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