Angels Declare His Birth

Angel of the LordOut in a field at night under the bright stars, an angel appeared to shepherds who were tenderly watching their flock.  The Shepherds were so afraid.   They were surrounded by the Glory of the Lord.  Imagine that,  I think I too might have been afraid.  But the message the angel brought was so comforting and life changing  they were quickly moved from fear to awe.  A Saviour had been born!!  The angel was inviting them to and see this Saviour.   An angel choir came and sang to them, it must have been one of the most beautiful praise songs ever sung.  As soon as the angels left those shepherds they put their heads together and decided to go and find this Saviour,  The Bible says they went with haste.  They were in a hurry to find the Saviour.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people were rushng to find Him today.  What a wonderful world this would be.  He is not a baby in a manger now;

He is Christ the Lord.

Have A Shiny Day

Bad day,  sad day,  sick day, happy day, or the best day of your life, all of our days belong to the Lord.  Todays scripture is one of my favorites.  It reminds me that no matter what, I need to pick my self up, shake myself off, and start all over again.  Every day is a new day to appreciate and walk in what the Lord has given us,  Every day is also a new day to serve Him in whatever capacity we can.  Sometimes when we are having a happy day we will tend to forget about the glory of the Lord that has risen upon us.  Those bad days are hard too, because we just want to huddle down and feel bad or sad.  Sick days are a challenge because our body Is not cooperating with our hearts.  But His word says, “Arise and Shine for the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee!  Isaiah 60:1  HAVE A SHINY DAY!
Arise and Shine

Joy Comes In The Morning

This photo of the moon was taken as I stood on the deck of a ship heading to Puerto Vallarta .  An other wise beautiful night was marred by a fall that my wonderful husband had when he had a blood pressure drop and passed out in the cabin.  We have been through allot in the past year, and decided we needed to pack up our troubles and just go on a cruise.  This fall he had really threw me and did bring the weeping that I tried so hard to resist.   The Lord has been with us and has brought us through so much, but this was so unexpected.  We had to call the ship 911 for help and he was taken to the ships hospital.  They patched up his cuts and bruises and after a couple hours sent us out to enjoy the rest of the evening.  I must confess, fear was on me.  Fear that it would happen again.  I just couldn’t shake that fear.  After we had dinner and returned to our cabin I went out on the deck and saw this beautiful scene.  It was then that the Lord reminded me that joy comes in the morning.  The night became less scary and I was able to rest in the Lord and anticipate that Joy that was coming.  Morning came and my dear husband as sore as he was , was ready to enjoy every moment of our cruise.  We saw the Lords word come alive in Jerry’s body and in our hearts.  Remember this, when hard times come, and they will.  Joy will come in the morning as we look to the Lord.Joy in the Morning