Resting Places

Where do Gods people live?  They live in peaceful places.  Places where love and peace permeResting Placesate the atmosphere.  The dwellings are safe, and they are quiet places for rest.  We all need those quiet resting places.  Safe places to run to when we are tired of the world outside.  Our homes are where these things are to be found.  Evaluate your dwelling place.  Is God in it?  Is there peace and safety there?  Is your home a resting place?  Or is it a crashing place because peace cannot be found there.?  Think
on these things today and consider your dwelling place.  Remember, Gods people live in peaceful, and safe resting places.

Cast All Your Cares On Him

What concerns you today?  Do  you need a Savior?  Are you or a loved one sick, and need a healer?  How about your finances, is that a struggle?  That job that you need, or help with the one you have?  The children, that is always a huge need because we love them so much.  The grandchildren are a concern for us grand parents, because we adore them.  These are all very real and looming concerns.  You might find your concern on this list!  But we have a Lord, who will perfect that which concerns us.  He loves us, and will not forsake the work of His hands.  We must run to Him with all of our concerns, big, or small.  Stay close to the Lord and cast all of your cares on Him.  The enemy would love to overwhelm you and tell you that all is lost.  Nothing can be changed.  He is a liar!!  We serve a God that will take care of us and all of our concerns.   Take comfort in this today.

The Lord Is My Strength

The Lord is my shieldI am to happy to write about my life in the Lord tho sometimes things are not perfect. He never promised us perfect. My husband has been in the hospital since right after thanksgiving.   He is fighting many battles with his health and this battle was really frightening.  We were moved from one hospital to another, and this was all very scary to me.  I cried out to the Lord for help as I followed the ambulance to the new location.  Then after being there for about 3 weeks he was moved once again from ICU to a regular room.  Again I was frightened about the change and cried unto the Lord.  The new room had a big window with some nice old tree’s and a lovely snowscape. I saw movement and watched very carefully and spotted a woodpecker enjoying his breakfast.  It was early morning.  Joy filled my heart with the sight of the bird.  Then a moment later I spotted another of the same bird.  Again joy surged through me.  I of course had my camera and was able to take some photo’s from the window. The Lord knows how to turn my fear and sadness into joy.  I love nature, and looking thru the lens.  I shared with the nurses that were getting Jerry settled into his new room and everyone was looking out this window with excitement.  A squirrel even appeared in the tree.  The Lord spoke to me through those birds and my fear turned to joy.  The Lord speaks to us all the time in so many ways.  More often than not we miss his voice because we are so busy crying or complaining.  Our time at this hospital was wonderful.  Now we have moved on to yet another place. A place called Power Back. He needs his power back for sure, and I think this could be the place for it. The Lord knows our needs and answers before we even utter the prayer. I was helped thank you Lord.  The birds I saw were Northern Flickers.  A type of woodpecker.

His Name (Jesus)

There are times in our lives where we might be tempted to feel forsaken. Storms come in all forms and sizes.  It can be a lost love, or disappointment in our place in life. I know there are those who have been greatly dishonored by a loved one who has been living a double life.  Watching someone you love dealing with a disease that has rendered them helpless. So many things.  We all know someone who is suffering.  I just lost a beloved sister in law to cancer last week.  I know her family is hurting because of this.  I’m hurting as she was one whom I could share my journey with,  we both were fighting cancer and I knew she would totally understand.  Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair.  My precious husband hasn’t been home since Thanksgiving.  He has been in the hospital, brought so low in his illness and a bad fall that he is now in re-hab learning to stand and walk again.  I went to visit him a week ago and I had a black out, fell , hit my head and got a concussion.  All within his sight.  He watch as the paramedics came and hauled me away in an ambulance.  Do I feel forsaken?  No, I feel loved.  I know the name of Jesus and will never be forsaken.  As I was laying on the floor in great pain with many injuries.  I just cried out the name of Jesus.  They did a cat scan of nearly my whole body because of the obvious injuries, but there was not one broken bone.  I trust the Lord!  I know that those of you who may be dealing with hurts in life can get that same help.  Just trust Jesus and seek Him in all of these life disappointments. Call out his name.  Listen and he will answer and show you the way.  We are never forsaken when we put our trust in Him.

Jesus is the Same Everyday

Christmas has come and gone, the once busy streets with their colored lights aglow are now quiet and much of the luster of the holidays is gone.  But Jesus whose birth we celebrate never changes.   He was born a babe yes, but he grew into his calling.  He is no longer a babe.  He became a man and gave His life for us on that Cross but he didn’t stay on that Cross, he rose again .  We who believe will know eternal life and one day be with Him.   There are two big celebrations commemorating these things each year.  Christmas and Easter however they often are glossed over by Santa’s and Easter Bunnies.. how sad,  Because “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever”  Hebrews 13:8.   He is the same everyday.  Nothing should take precedence over that. If only we could live everyday celebrating the true meaning of these holidays, what a wonderful world this would be.   Christmas has come and gone, but Jesus is the same everyday.  Lets celebrate Him everyday in this New Year

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