We have all heard many excuses of why a person does not want to be a Christian and give their life to the Lord.  The excuses are everything from hypocrisy to there is no God.  Some think its too binding and they may miss out on life if they become a Christian.  The truth is, there are no excuses.  The Lord gave us a heart to know Him.  He said they shall be my people, and I will be their God.  He has given man a heart to know Him; but man makes a very destructive decision to reject Him. They just can’t give Him their whole heart.  Those of us who have decided to follow the Lord will tell you it’s the best decision you can ever make.  You don’t loose a thing, you gain everything.  Give the Lord you heart this Love Month, and forever.

Clean Hearts

A beating heat is life to us.  When hearts don’t function properly all kinds of connective problems begin to happen.  My Dear Husband had heart trouble for several years, had many heart procedures and even open heart.  His heart is well now thank the Lord.  We as children of God can also have heart trouble.  We can get things in our heart that cause our hearts to be troubled.  The difference is, we can go straight to the Lord and ask Him to cleanse our heart and renew a right spirit in us.  No surgery needed.  We just have to be willing to acknowledge the problem and ask the Lord to cleanse us.  Lets look at our hearts today and see if there is any heart condition that needs to be addressed.  This is Heart Month you know, so lets be sure to get our spiritual hearts renewed.

A Day With The Lord

Have you ever thought about just having one day with the Lord?  One day would be better than a thousand days apart from Him.. Sitting in His presence, walking His courts, maybe even holding hands with Him.. Talking and asking all of the questions that I am sure we all have.  There are no words to express how that day would be, except maybe wonderful!  I love how David in the scripture above says he would rather be a door keeper in the House of His God than to dwell in tents of wickedness.  God gives us grace and glory and will withhold nothing from those of us who walk uprightly.  We are very blessed if we know the Lord, He is our all and all and everything we will ever need, now and into eternity.

Do You Love The Lord?

Do you love the Lord? We were created to love Him you know.  He loved us first and gave us the wonderful privilege of being His children.  However there are choices to be made.  We were given a free will.  The Lord is not pushy, He waits for us to come to Him.  He is patient, Kind and full of mercy..  This is real love.  However Jesus does know when you really love Him.  There is no pretending with the Lord.  Loving the Lord comes when you find out who He is, and become aware of your need for Him.  It is so easy to do , because that is how you were wired.  We have a conscience, and an awareness of right and wrong.  We have a need built into us to find Him.  That is where choice comes in.  We have to chose to give our lives to the Lord.  We need the Lord to make right choices. There many other thing and religions that we can devote ourselves to, but there is only one way, and that is through Jesus Christ Gods Son.  Run to Him today, and don’t pretend, He knows when we love Him.

The Word Of God

The Word of God. Bound in leatheThe Wordr, some with gold edged pages, many translations, but all inspired by God our Father.  There is the King James which is the one I use, the Ampified, Living, Niv, Rainbow, and on and on it goes, but there is one truth, it is the Word of God.  No matter what the translation, it is a treasure to possess.  Think of it, His Word in your hand.  It is that two edged sword.  Reading the Word of God pierces right to the core of any problem, question, need, or blessing of the heart and soul.  Reading it or sharing it, dicerns the thoughts of the heart, and the true intent.  The Word of God, the Bible is an amazing supernatural book and every word and paragraph is true.You can place your life on it. If you don’t have one, buy one today. We all need a Bible, a road map to life.