He Provides

Birds of the AirA driving force in life is provision for self and family.  For some it becomes stress.  Others are so consumed with provision that they become hoarders.  There are others who Just don’t have enough and are forced to rely on the government.  Some are just forced to rely on the Lord.  As hard as this may be.  It is also the best place to be!  A place to grow and learn as you see the hand of the Lord.  I have experienced this on many occasions.  It’s a really a good place to get to know the Lord and his knowing ways.  Nothing gets passed him.  He often answers before we even ask.    Its all about trusting Him.  In not trusting the Lord, many stress and find themselves in the place of there is never enough.  They are always chasing prosperity and provision.  It is important to work and provide, but not to the point of forgetting the Lord and His love  for us.  It is a balance in life that we all need, and that only comes from trusting the Lord.  Remember He takes care of the birds of the air, and you are much better then they.  

Cloud Of Darkness

At first glance you  might not notice the cloud of darkness descending  on this beautiful little church in Hawaii.  This is true today, there is a cloud of darkness descending through the decay of moral values.  No one seems to notice.  Evil acts upon mankind are so common.  No one seems to notice.  Our Government has vastly changed, embracing things that have never been excepted before.  No one notices!  The darkness is coming upon us, and we as Christians do notice!  We must work while we can, and spread the light that we have, getting ready for the Lords  soon return.Blue and White Church

No More Violence

Walls of PraiseDomestic violence is at the heart of many homes, and the problem, seems to be escalating.  Crimes within the borders of the family are all too common.  We read about it all  the time in the news.  What is the answer we say?  The answer is Jesus.  Jesus we need you to be in the heart of these homes.  The walls should be salvation and the gates praise.  Without the Lord, these homes lie in destruction.  There is no peace there.  If you know anyone in this situation, pray for salvation to pour over that home and its inhabitants.  “Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction within thy borders.  Thou shalt call thy walls salvation and thy gates praise.”  Isaiah 60:18  This Photo is at Fort Churchill in Nevada

His Grace

All we need Is the Lords grace upon us.  When we feel the weakest, that grace is there to pick us up and pour strength through us.  You know, we all have tendancies to run on our own strength.  There are times when one might think they don’t even need God.  I think we see that all the time in todays society.  But really our strength is self generated when we don’t have God.Strength in Weakness  This leaves us vulnerable to self destruction.  We can think more highly of ourself than we should, which can lead to other problems.  With Gods grace we can be strong at or weakest times, that is actually when our strenth is made perfect.  Thank You Lord for your GRACE.

Our Hearts Will Live Forever

If you are seeking the Lord, be praising Him also.  He loves to hear the praises of His people.  It all goes together in one package.  We are to praise Him in the good times and the bad.  We are to thank Him for his provision.  David said in Psalm 34:1 “I will praise the Lord at all times, His name shall continually be in my mouth.”  Our hearts are our soul, and  they will live forever.  We will praise the Lord eternally when we go to be with Him.  So we need to practice now for forever.Hearts Live Forever

The Days Of A Tree

The Prophet Isaiah, chapter 65 spoke of Gods disappointment in the children  of Israel, and the calling of the Gentiles.  This is one of the promises given them. As you know, we were grafted in, or adopted in to be partakers of this promise.  What sticks out to me in this scripture, is the “days of a tree”.  Having been to the Petrified Forest National Park, in Arizona, I gained a  totally new perspective of the days of a tree.  This is a very large tree and its root ball.  Down, but not gone or eaten away by time and weather.  This tree has turned to stone, and as the other trees in this forest, will be there forever.  I learned while in this area, that there are petrified forests all over the earth.  I pondered these tree’s wondering how this was even possible, and had to give it over to the Lord.  Because with God all things are possible.  His word says “as the days of a tree are, the days of mine people and mine elect, shall long enjoy the work of their hands”. Days of a TreeIsaiah 65:22

Lifter Of Our Heads

When David wrote this beautiful Psalm, it was one of desperation, he was in trouble.  He was being surrounded by his enemies.  It sounds as tho he was being persecuted for his faith.  Is that not true today?   We are surrounded by a great majority who’s God is not our God.  Therefore as a nation we are being persecuted .  They are trying to make laws that would greatly effect us as believers.  Our gentle beautiful Lord is being maligned in the news and media, scoffed at and even laughed at and joked about on T.V.  Why, because they do not understand who our God is.A Shield For Me done  We are also surrounded by friends who don’t know the Lord, That might say;” There is no help for her in God.” Psalm 3:2 .  At times people look at us like they are just placating us.  They just don’t understand what is going on  with us and the Lord.  We are in love, He is  our  bridegroom, and we are His bride.  Our walk with Him is our crowning glory!  It is our life!  He Is a shield or us when the  enemy  comes against us.  The fiery darts cannot touch us.  Most of all, He is the lifter of  our head.  You know,  we can’t even lift our heads without Him.  He lifts our heads and helps us to stand tall as His servants who are not  afraid.  He lifts our head when we are sad,  and He lifts our heads when we are sick. He lifts our heads when we are in trouble.  Oh Lord you are so wonderful.  Thank you for taking care  of us your servants.  We Love You!!!  For those of  you who may not know about the Wedding in Heaven, I will be sharing about that soon.


When I was young, I had a terrifying fear of bugs.  I was known to do the bug dance if any kind of bug were in my presence.  This would happen no matter where I was! I remember going into the door of a fine restaurant only to do the bug dance because a moth got on me as I entered.  So embarrassing!  I was also very afraid of dragonflies because I was told as a child that you had to run from them because they would sew your mouth up.  For me that would be really dreadful because I have always been a talker.  I wonder who told me that; maybe they were trying to get some rest for the ears and a dragonfly flew by.  How funny those fears are now as I have grown in the Lord and grown to appreciate  even the bugs that He created.  I love looking at the intricacy of their design.  Only the Lord could have done such magnificent work.  Click on this dragonfly to bring it larger and look at all the little bones that make up his body.  I love how David wrote In the Psalms “The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me;  Thy mercy, O Lord endureth forever;  Forsake not the works of your own hands”.  Psalm 138:8  Bugs were a big concern for me and He took care of that fear.  I no longer do bug dances, and I can kill a spider by myself.  I know He didn’t perfect the bugs, It was me that He changed.  He will never forsake the works of His own hands.

Joy and Peace

One day I observed these little boys running down a hill,  an obvious photo opportunity.  The first thing that crossed my mind was the scripture in Isaiah 55:12.  I saw these boys running and leaping and lifting their arms as if in praise.  They may have been celebrating a victory on  the ball field but it gave me reason to think on Gods Word.Baseball Boys DoneThe prophet Isaiah wrote, “Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He Is near” Isaiah 55:6.  It goes on to say that if we do that, we will go out with joy, and be led forth with peace.  Seeking the Lord gives us the ability to view life in a totally different way.  A way that is full of Joy, and Peace.  When we really wrap our mind around this fact we will be running and leaping and praising the Lord.  We are such a blessed people and we serve such a faithful God.  Seek the LORD.

Sacrifice Of Praise

Sacrifice of PraiseLets bring a sacrifice to God today, all of you who  are reading.  No matter what your day holds, how busy you are, or even how bad or upset you feel, praise God with your lips.  This is a sacrifice.  Not just on Sunday, but continually sacrifice of praise.  Let your lips speak out a praise to God our Father. ” Father God, I thank you for your Son Jesus, who was sacrificed for us.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you  for providing for me, and your undeniable patience.  I lift my praises to you because you are a great God, Father of  all, and everything in creation.  I Love You. “This is a sacrifice of praise from my lips today.  The scripture says, it’s the fruit of my lips.  Lets cover our lips with the fruit of praise today, He is worthy of our praise!