Men Are Like Trees

We know that good men and women bare good fruit on their tree of life.  We also know that corrupt men and women bare bad fruit on their tree of life.  We can tell a lot about a person by looking at what fruit hangs on their tree.   Some are able to put on a good face but deep inside they are a different kind of tree.  Be wary of that.  Jesus said;”For every tree is known for his own fruit.  For of thorns, men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes.  A good man out of the good treasure of his or her heart bringeth forth that which is good.  An evil man out of the evil treasures of his or her heart brings forth that which is evil; for out of the abundance of his heart his mouth speaketh.”  I say we should be fruit inspectors when choosing friends.   When you put bad fruit into a bowl of good fruit it will ruin the good fruit pretty quickly.  This is especially true for our youth today.  They need to have a good root system in the tree they are becoming, and learn to check out the fruit of the person they associate with, so their fruit always stays good.

Listen For The Praises

Breath Praise doneI was walking in the garden yesterday, and my attention was drawn to some little yellow finches in my tree.  There was the chatting sound, and there was a lovely song as well.  I listened and thought about the scripture that says;”Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” Think about that, the things we can hear if we listen.  Is that cricket in the grass praising the Lord?  Is the rooster praising the Lord when he crows in the morning.  Is my praise being heard often enough?.  Sing unto the Lord with your voice.  He loves to hear our new songs.  Sing from your heart of how much you love Him..Sing a love song to Him.  I did and I know He heard it. I think he smiled!

Heavens Gift

Heavens Gift doneOur son Chris took this photo in Wyoming on a January afternoon.  His focus was on the sun on the snow.  He later put it on his computer desktop as a wallpaper and was asked by his sister “who took the picture of the angel”?  At that moment it became chrystal clear to him.  Up until then he had not seen the angel.  I hope you can see the angel as well and enjoy the beauty of the heavens as we have.  We have all been touched by this.

Walk Uprightly

Oh  yes the Lord our God is a sun to give us the things that we need to sustain life.Walk Uprightly doneHe is also a shield to protect us from things that would destroy our life.  He gives us grace and even at times gives us glory.  I love the fact that no good thing will He withhold from those of us who walk uprightly.  Stop and think about all the good things the Lord has given you.  It’s important to keep these things in mind, and be thankful always for the good things in our life.  He knows what is good for us and protects us from the bad.  Of course we still have that free will that would allow temptation to come in.  Therefore walking uprightly is the key to it all.  Have an upright day today. 

The Door

open-door-doneI am so glad that I heard His voice and heard the knock.  How different life would be if I had not opened the door.  He does come in and is at every meal.  He is in the car on every trip.  I often talk to Him as I drive.  He never leaves us or forsakes us.  He is a faithful friend.  He is a husband to the widow, and father to the orphan.  He is our healer, our Great Physician.  He is a comforter to the grieving and companion to the lonely.  He is the creator, and oh how I love His creation.  Thank you Lord that you knocked on the door of my heart.Open Door done

As The Deer

David the Psalmists’ heart was so after the Lord that he likened it to being like a deer, thirsty for water.  Deer have two basic needs, water an foliage.  I once had the  opportunity to observe deer and their drinking habits.  My husband and I were at an R.V. park that was near a river.  One of the workers there told me that if I went and sat on a bench that was at the rivers edge, I would be able to see the deer as they come to drink at sundown.  She also told me they come early in the morning.  So I went to the bench and waited as the sun was going down.  One by one they appeared from the tree’s and bushes.  Just like clockwork they came.  I wanted a photo of a deer at the water and this was my chance.  As I watched I thought of Davids’ heart thirsting like a deer after his Lord.  The deer drink in the evening, and they come in the morning also for a drink.  My heart thirsts for more of the Lord, and like a deer I should seek Him in the quiet of the evening and the calm of morning.  No distractions and the beauty of the setting, and the rising sun.  There is so much for us to learn and feel from nature itself.  God gave us a wonderful backdrop in which to  praise Him and commune with Him.  Thirst like a deer for  more of the  Lord.

Deer by the water 029

Finisher Of Our Faith

Jesus is the author of our  faith.

The Holy Spirit leads us to the Lord.  Our faith starts with a simple prayer of repentance, and giving our lives to the Lord.  It is so simple that many people miss it.  There is a progression of  faith as we live the Christian life.  We grow in faith and the Lord is able to use us. We become His hands extended, and His eyes to see the needs around us.  We go from being babes in Christ to being His servants.  What an honor it is to serve Him.  There are times of discouragement yes, because we live in this world where discouraging things happen.  We are not in Heaven yet.  In those discouraging times is when we remember that He is the finisher of our faith.  He will take us to the end here on earth, and then straight to Heaven.  How wonderful it is to know that the Lord is with us from the beginning to forever.Looking done