Forever And Ever

For ever and everForever and ever, that is an eternity and we will praise Him non-stop.  There is so much to praise Him for, he has created such a beautiful place for us to dwell.  He created us, and provided all of our needs.  We are wonderfully made.  Each one of us is a miracle.  Yesterday, I looked up at the sky, and saw beautiful cloud formations In the vibrant blue sky.  I said to the Lord, “that is so beautiful, it looks like heaven up there,” and the thought crossed my mind, that I can’t even imagine the beauty we will see when we get to heaven.  This is just a sampling of what the Lord has for us when we get to our new home.  We will fall on our faces with adoration for the Lord and the heaven He created for us.  I see everything as a picture and as I tried to visualize heaven, I thought, I would love to have a camera in heaven.  But then it occurred to me that we won’t need a camera, because heaven will be captured for us Forever and Ever.

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My desire is to share my photography, to honor the Lord, and send out His word to all who might read. My photo's will include a scripture,and I write a devotional for each entry. The very least that I can do for our precious Lord Jesus. I am a wife to Jerry, my wonderful husband. We have 5 children, and 7 granchildren.

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