Real Peace

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI took this photo off the California Coast, at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego.  It really caught my eye that someone had gone to the trouble to erect a stained glass peace sign on a large rock in the ocean at the cliffs.  I don’t think that was easy!!  Any way that is always the cry of the people right now.  A lot of the peace cries come from war protesters.  The anniversary of John Lennon’s death was yesterday.  All day they played his songs on T.V. and radio.  They all echoed the same cry.  Give Peace a Chance, and Imagine.  The only true peace comes God, so all of these peace sign people are barking up the wrong tree.  If only they would ask the Lord about it.  I am noticing that the peace signs are back in fashion.  I really do dislike that symbol.  It is such a worldly symbol.  I will take the cross any day for my peace.  Lets give real peace a chance and cry out to the Lord for Peace on Earth.  Looking back today,  I wrote this back in 2010.  Things have definately changed, now people are crying out for victory over Isis.  Lord we do need your help.

He Shall Feed His Sheep

TFeed Sheep donehough it is not one of my best photo’s, it is one of my favorites.  I love to take photo’s of sheep.  So much is said about sheep in the Bible.  I am always trying to get a good shot of sheep.  This particular day, my husband and I were driving down the highway and saw sheep out in a vineyard that was dead, nothing but sticks.  I thought how great is that.  Vines that had not been tended, and sheep, all in one photo.  Well , we got off the highway and went out to the vineyard.  We then took a dirt road that took us where the sheep were.  My wonderful patient husband!!!.  I jumped out of the car and started approaching the sheep for my best shot.  The sheep saw me and bolted in fear,  I had no shot.  The whole herd took off. You know they only follow their shepherd.  So my husband found the shepherd and gave him $20.00 to herd them towards me. That is when I spotted this sheep.  He had grass in his mouth.  In the midst of this vineyard that had not been tended, the sheep were being fed.  The grass was very rich there.  He will feed His flock like a shepherd.  He will take care of us and give us what we need.  We shall not want.  I just love all that I could glean from this photo. In the midst of devastation and trouble, he will always be there for us and provide what we need.  This shepherd knew exactly where to take his sheep.

Feel Loved

MomLove Is an amazing thing!  It covers everything.  But the love of a Mother is something special.  I think it can be said that Moms love with a pure heart, and definitely love fervently.  I know there are Moms who may not have that pure love, but with the Lord all things are possible.  If you had a mom that couldn’t do that, pray for her. The Lord can change her.  The Mom that I know had a pure heart and was fervent in her love.  I fervently love my children, and because I love them fervently,  I can truly say they love me fervently back.  I feel their love, and it lifts me every day.  We are examples of love to our children and they learn from us.  We can then see them be examples to their children, of how to love.   Loving someone with a pure heart,with no agenda’s or motives is really patterning our self after the Love of God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ.  Unconditional, tnfailing love, and our example.  Make someone feel loved today.  I know I do, I got this plant from one of my beautiful girls today.