saveOh how I love sunsets!  They are such a gift from the Lord at the close of a beautiful day.  I can’t even count how many sunset photo’s that I have.  I have been known to stop everything at sunset and run to the nearest spot to see it.  In the Hawaiian islands one side of the island gets the sunset, and the other side gets the sunrise.  I always make sure that we stay on the sunset side.  Then I get my poor husband up at 4:00am so we can drive to the other side of the island for sunrise.  “From the rising of the sun til the going down of the same, the  Lords name is to be praised.”  Psalm 113:3  Sometimes we have to race to that perfect spot and we are almost late, so I jump out of the car and start running until I get to that perfect spot.  I love the Lord and the beauty he has given us.  Thank you Lord!  My dear husbands mother knew of my delight of the sunset, and shared with me her wonderful thought about it.  Words that I will never forget.  “The sky is a lady, and the Lord dresses her in a new evening gown every night.” By Ellen Snelling

Judgement Is Coming

We know that the swallows come back every year to Capistrano.  There are songs written about this event. The Sandhill Cranes come every year to Kearny, Nebraska.  So many things in nature are faithful to their beginnings.  I think of the salmon.  Every year they go back to where they were born to lay eggs, and then die.    How faithful are we as a people.  As Christians, we know  that judgement is coming.  But the world in general is unaware as they slide further into sinful evil lifestyles.  The world right now is a scary place.  We are seeing things right now that assures me as a Christian that Judgement is coming.  I must be as busy as I can be to spread the Word and teach people the way of the Lord.  I do that now from my place here at home as I have serious stage 4 cancer, but I will never stop doing what I can do right where I am. I am praying for the Lord to heal me so I can do more. Look around you and consider how the world looks, and morals look, and crime looks.  Start running to the Lord today.

Righteous Judge

There is only one judge, one lawgiver, and one King.  In this day of constant comments, and judgements on who will be our next President of these United States.  There is only one, who will decide, ultimately it is all about  His plan.  Vote, yes we must.  Support your choice, yes you should, but remember who the judge is.  We get upset about the electoral vote system and how unfair it seems, and the bound and unbound delegates.  The righteous Judge will make the choice.  It doesn’t always seem like the right choice, but we have to remember God has a plan and we are his people but he is the judge.  We will know more about it when we get to Heaven.  I have quite a few political questions and I am sure you do to.  The important thing to remember is no matter who becomes President, the Lord is our King.  That should make us all feel calm and peaceful about this process.  Always remember, those of you who know the Lord.  He will save us!!!Our Judge