Forty Seven Years, and Many More

It has been a while since I have written.  A lot of things have been going on in my life.  There is one that  urged me on to write again.  My  husband Jerry and  I have just celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary.  It seems like yesterday that I met  this tall, dark-haired and handsome man.  He has been the love of my life, and I thank the Lord for Him every day.  It was the Lord that put us together you know.  I went to a friend’s houseDSC_0592 and prayed for him to ask me out.  I went by her house every day after work and we would  pray. Pray because  I didn’t think he would ever  ask me out because he was too shy.  Well after 2 weeks of praying and thanking the Lord for  the answer in advance, I got a call from the switch board operator where we worked.  She said if Jerry Snelling asked you out would you go out with him.   I said yes I would go out with him. A few minutes later the phone rang in my office and it was Jerry.  He asked me out and the prayer was answered!!  Below is a photo of one of the bouquets of flowers he had delivered for our anniversary. The card below has great meaning as well.  We had a baby boy.  We named him Chris. When he was about 2 years old, we would ask him  how much he loved us, and he would always say I love you  40 dollars.  The largest thing he could think of, we have never forgotten that precious thing he said, and thru the years, we have often said, I Love You $40.00 to each other!