The Bluebird of Happiness

I have a fondness for those pretty bluebirds,Happy Bluebird done and love the saying,  The Bluebird of happiness.  However we know that our happiness comes straight from the  Lord, and not a bluebird.  The scriptures tell us over an over that He is  our  joy, and He is our happiness.  Can you even imagine not having the  Lord.  It would be such a sad and lonely existence.  We need the Lord to lift us up when we are down.  We also need the Lord to keep us humble when we start thinking that we are higher than we ought.  We are happy because we know the  Lord.  He is  our hope.  But thank you Lord for those beautiful bluebirds,  another  beautiful evidence of  our God.

Good Morning Sunshine

In the Garden this morning my  eyes were drawn to the sunflowers growing there. The sun was just coming up and they were all  at attention, even leaning toward the sun trying to get closer.  I have watched them through out the day and they turn with the sun.  When it is  overhead they are looking up,  as the sun starts its  declinestrengthtoward  sunset the sun flowers actually  turn to face the sun  as it sets.  I  took my granddaughter for a photo  shoot in a sunflower field.  Thousands of beautiful faces  and I intended to have her face in the middle of  them.  When got there  we could only see their backs because they were following the sun, so we had to go  into the field with the bees in order  to get  that photo.  Sunflowers desperately need the sun.  I found myself wondering if we Christians are keeping our eyes on the Son, are we desperately seeking the Lord for our  strength?  We can wear ourselves out doing things in our own strength.  It’s when we look to the Lord, Gods Son that our strength is increased in that supernatural way. We can do amazing things for the Lord.  He is our strength!!!  Don’t ever try to go  it on your own, failure is a huge possibility on your own!


Lets Come Together

This is a crazy day we are now living in as the coming Touchhing Tailselection looms close.  We see such division in our parties it appears that there is no possible coming together.  I being a Republican worry that the person best for this country will be overlooked because of divisions and lack of unity in the party.  What I have to remind myself is the Lord ultimately is in control of this as we continue to see the misrepresentations, and lies that make it all seem so ugly.  The Republican party could very well lose this if they can’t work on the premise of this scripture.  I took this photo of the Thunderbirds.  A performing group that could never do what they do without oneness of mind and spirit.  “Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that ye all speak the same thing and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind an in the same judgement.”  1Corinthians 1:10  We all  need to pray for this election.  I believe it has the potential of taking us to a bad place,  or taking us to a better place in this country.

It Is Finished


Beautiful Things 048

“It truly is finished”.  The Last things Jesus said before his head bowed and he died on the Cross.  When things seem overwhelming to us and mountains loom in our way.  Mountains of Cancer, unemployment, debt, divorce, a child on drugs, a sick child, loneliness, so many things can be overwhelming to us.  But when Jesus said it is finished it was for you that he came and died on the cross .  Look to him in your times of need.  He is there to help you.  I know, because He is helping me.  He lifts me up every morning.  I had someone ask me, when you wake up each morning do you think of your cancer.  I had to answer no, because I am so well cared for by the Lord.  I wake up with hope and joy.  I have adopted an attitude of gratitude with this event in my life.  As crazy as it sounds, I feel honored that I have this Cancer.  Honored because the Lord tells us in His word that he will not give us more than we can take, and he must know I can take it.  There is a purpose here.  The Lord did not give me the cancer, but he allowed it.  I want to be the best I can be at having cancer so that I might give glory to the Lord and be an example of how he can carry us at times like this.  Today my radiation was finished.  Everyday for 3 weeks, and it seemed like just a few days.  My treatment was at The Urology Center Of Colorado in Denver.  I could have never dreamed of having better care.  The Radiation team there was wonderful, the Doctor, and the staff were  exuberant with friendliness and smiles.  Made me feel very comfortable.  Going each day became something I looked forward to.  I know the Lord did that for me.  Today was my last day, and they all gave me a great send off with hugs, and kind words.  This part of my journey is finished for  now.  I am including some other photo’s to share my Radiation journey, and the treatment room where the  Elekta Versa linear accelerator is.  Also a recent photo of my husband and I.  We are o.k.  and in the palm of the Lords hand.   We are trusting the Lord and going forward. Thank you all for your prayers.

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Mountains Departing

Never Give UpAt my last writing, I was stopped In by tracks by a giant mountain that at first sight looked impossible to climb.  Cancer in my bones.  I am told the most painful of all cancers.  This diagnosis came with a change once again in my cancer infusion, and a new injection to strengthen my bones.  Radiation is now in the mix of my treatments.  Having great pain, and difficulty walking I had to face, and traverse over this giant in my path.  My oncologist  quickly put a plan in place and I began my radiation.  I faced this with full knowledge that the radiation is not going to kill the cancer but will take away the pain.  This was really hard for me to wrap my head around.  My new radiation Doctor explained it very well tho.  He said the cancer in my bones is like Isis,  We can push it back but it keeps popping up, and in most cases comes back somewhere else. Unique way of sharing, but I totally got it.   Right now it is in my femur and my ribs.  All this to say Jesus is the captain of the army that I am a part of, and he will not only drive back cancer {Isis} but he can destroy and take out the mountain and make it a peace walk on my lifes journey. My new cancer infusion is not making me sick yay!! Just a minor amount of nausea.  Fatigue is my biggest side effect.  But who doesn’t enjoy naps.  The word from the Lord for today is “For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but my  kindness shall not depart from  thee, neither  shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the Lord who has mercy on thee. Isaiah  54:10”  What mountain is in your  path today?

A New Mountain To Climb

I love mountains and their Mountain Alaskamajesty.  I think the highest mountains I have ever seen are in  Alaska.  They are absolutely breathtaking.  My personal journey has taken me to a new mountain to climb.  It looks daunting and feels impossible.  But I always remind myself that my help is in the name of the Lord, who made Heaven and Earth.  Psalm 12:48  Yes he made Heaven and Earth and all of the beautiful  mountains.  About a month ago, I started feeling a pain in my  hip.  I thought I had just hurt it  some how  working in the yard or something.  I ignored it but soon found myself limping and unable to sleep because movement in bed would cause the hip to start hurting.  I had a regular  checkup with my primary care doctor and when I had to get on the exam table I was unable to do so.  It was pain so strong it caused me to yelp out.  She asked what was going on.  I told her its my hip, I think I  hurt it some how.  She said your acting like you have broken your hip.  She sent me out for x-rays at a hospital and said wait in the waiting room because if your hip is broken, you will have to stay in the hospital and have surgery.  She said she would call me when she got the report, she had ask for an asap.  I waited and suddenly I looked to my left and the Doctor was sitting beside me.  I said why are you here?  Do I  have a broken hip?  She said, I came so I didn’t have to tell you this on the phone. Your hip is not broken, but you have bone cancer. Again, that fear came, and quickly left when I got to the car to tell my very sick husband this horrible news.  He just lost it and sobbed, because we love each other so much.  Strength came surging through me again after some tears with Jerry.  We can do this!!  He is battling Giant Cell Arteritis an auto immune disease that attacks the bodies arteries.  He is having treatment from his third flare of the disease.  Which requires him  to begin treatment all over again at a great cost to his body.  He is now in a wheel chair.  He needs me and I need Him.   Nothing is too hard  for the Lord!  We will climb this massive mountain to the top and our Lord will help us.