Good Morning Sunshine

In the Garden this morning my  eyes were drawn to the sunflowers growing there. The sun was just coming up and they were all  at attention, even leaning toward the sun trying to get closer.  I have watched them through out the day and they turn with the sun.  When it is  overhead they are looking up,  as the sun starts its  declinestrengthtoward  sunset the sun flowers actually  turn to face the sun  as it sets.  I  took my granddaughter for a photo  shoot in a sunflower field.  Thousands of beautiful faces  and I intended to have her face in the middle of  them.  When got there  we could only see their backs because they were following the sun, so we had to go  into the field with the bees in order  to get  that photo.  Sunflowers desperately need the sun.  I found myself wondering if we Christians are keeping our eyes on the Son, are we desperately seeking the Lord for our  strength?  We can wear ourselves out doing things in our own strength.  It’s when we look to the Lord, Gods Son that our strength is increased in that supernatural way. We can do amazing things for the Lord.  He is our strength!!!  Don’t ever try to go  it on your own, failure is a huge possibility on your own!


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My desire is to share my photography, to honor the Lord, and send out His word to all who might read. My photo's will include a scripture,and I write a devotional for each entry. The very least that I can do for our precious Lord Jesus. I am a wife to Jerry, my wonderful husband. We have 5 children, and 7 granchildren.

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