Perfect Praise

We were created to praise Him and serve Him, but are we?The answer to that question resides in the heart of our Lord.  In the book of Matthew, Jesus went to the temple.  He overthrew the tables of the vendors in the temple  and said “My house shall be called a house of prayer.” The blind and the lame came to Him there, and he healed them.. When the people saw these things they began to praise Him.  There were children there and they began crying saying Hosanna to the King.  The scribes and the chief priests saw this and were very unhappy.  That is when Jesus said to them “Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings is perfect praise.”Matthew 21:16.  Perfect Praise done It is innocence that they have.  There is no hidden agenda with a child or a babe.  That is why I just love to look at a child  or  a babe, and take in their purity.  I would love to praise Him like a child, wouldn’t you?  It seems He really does want us to be as children.  We are His children and should come to Him as such. I believe this is possible.  He wouldn’t ask us to do something we can’t do.  So lets put everything out of our mind that would distract us and praise Him as a child.  No Fancy words, just honest, pure praise.  This beautiful baby girl is our friends grandaughter.

The Tree Tunnel

Anybody who has been to Poipu, on Kauai will recognize this tree lined road.  It is called the Tree Tunnel. In the past they planted the trees to line the road all the way from the sugar cane fields to Koloa where the sugar mills were.  Ox carts were used to haul the sugar cane.  The tree tunnel was to keep the sun off of them a they made their way to Poipu.  Poipu is one of our favorite places in the islands and I always get very happy when we arrive at the tree tunnel as it is very beautiful and it means we are almost there!  There is no place to pull over so I had to take this out of the open convertible as we drove.  The scripture in Luke 14: 23 comes alive in this photo.  We are to go out on the highways and the hedges and invite them to come to the Lord.  People are just waiting to be invited.  We need to get out there and do what the Lord has asked us to do.  Lets fill the Lords house with our witness, and testimony.  Be ready where ever you are, He wants to use you.Tree Tunnel done