Our precious children, how innocent they are; or are they?  Are we as people letting the innocence of our children slip away.”Forbid them not to come unto me.”Matthew 10:14.  Are we in some for forbidding them by allowing their young tender minds grow up too fast? By allowing them to see and worry about things that as children, they really can’t process correctly, or  understand.  Are our children seeing too much? Taking that innocence from them cansnow-angel-done make it harder for them to come to Jesus.  It can make their life harder in so many ways.  Jesus says, of such is the kingdom of heaven.  The children are to be our example.  We shouldn’t crowd their minds with our  adult stuff.  In order to get to heaven, we as adults are to  come to Jesus as little children.  Jesus says unless you come as a child, you will not enter in.  Children believe, trust, and are dependent.   There are no macho  men in heaven, nor are there super women.  We all need Jesus.  Jesus desires the innocence of a child with Him  at home in heaven.  Something to think about as you look at children today.  They are so beautiful,  lets keep them that way so they can  grow up as  strong men and women of God.

Sweet Sleep

sleepSleep can be an illusive thing for many people, thus we see all the commercials for sleep aids.  One that comes to mind is the Lunar Moth that flies in and dashes around the room landing on the sleepless person.  A huge smile takes over, and sleep is accomplished.  We have the promise of  sweet sleep but not  from, a pill or a green moth.  The Lord really does supply all of our needs.  It’s hard to sleep if you are afraid or have stress.  But when we know the Lord, our fears can be relieved.  Stress is something that we have by not allowing the Lord to take care of our busy life and concerns.  He really wants us to  allow Him to carry our cares and trust Him.  If we trust Him all fear and stress will be gone, and that promise sweet sleep will come,  but not with the aid of sleep medicine.  It comes from  the tenderness of our Precious Lord.

One Way

Today we go to Alaska and another grand treasure.  One of its many glaciers.  I will never forget my  first sight of a glacier. They are so tall andglacier-done massive.  Looking at the  face of  a glacier is quite daunting as it breaks away, crashing in the ocean below.  The sound is like thunder and lightning. There is crack and then a thunderous crash.  Tons of ice falls into the water below, causing a huge wave to form.  The Indians in Alaska call the glaciers white thunder. They are so white that they turn blue.  I say all of this to say getting to Father God is impossible without going through Jesus. We must come to Jesus. Climbing the face of this glacier would  be impossible for me.  There is no way I could do this.  But getting to Father God without coming to Jesus is just as impossible as climbing this grand glacier.  Jesus says,” I am the way, the truth and the  life; no man cometh unto  the Father  but by me.” John 14:6.  Jesus came for us.  He is  our way to the Father for all eternity.  Don’t try making your way to God on your own.  You must come to Jesus and He will take you there. Don’t try climbing any glaciers either!

I Am Not Alone

fear-notWe all have times in life when we are in deep despair, or fighting giant battles for our life, or our children.  There are so many things that can come against us and put fear in our hearts.  The fear takes away all of our happy thoughts and pulls us to feeling alone in this battle. ” Fear Not” or “Be not afraid” is mentioned in the Bible 365 times.  Symbolic perhaps to help us remember this very important truth.  We are not alone, he loves us deeply and said “I will never leave you or forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5  This is how I am able to stand in this Cancer battle that I am in.  I am not alone!!  The Lord never leaves me.  Its been getting more and more aggressive, with me.  I lost my kidney to it, then it moved to my lungs. Two tumors in each lung.  My lymph nodes have cancer in  them.  I’m on Chemo # 3  Have it every other  week.  It is now in my Femur in both legs.  My hip, and one rib.  My liver is now causing problems and Guess what? I’m o.k.  Because I am not alone!!! Though I have incurable terminal cancer, I am not afraid!  I’m still standing.  When I was first diagnosed and of course dealing with the shock and of it all I was listening to K-love and heard a song that has been my battle cry since I heard it.  I sing it out loud and find peace and victory as I mouth the words.  Its by Kari Jobe  “I Am Not Alone”.  You can buy it on iTunes.

Be Doers

doersGoing through old pictures today, I ran across this photo of our granddaughter, in her rose-covered cottage.  I think she was about 3 at the time and today she just turned 6.  Love this little girl.  Anyway, the Lord talks to me thru the  photo’s I take and last night as I laid in bed  I saw this little face looking out the window and thought, so many of us are content to stay In our rose covered cottages and just look out the window.  There is much  work needing to be done for the Lord.  We are to be doers, not just hearers.  There is so much we can do if we just step out and listen to what the Lord would have us do.  It might even be inside your rose covered cottage that you work for Him. Some people just can’t get out.   But the fact is the one who is a doer will be blessed in His deed.  Think on this today, and be blessed in your deed.

Don’t Miss The Boat

The Lord isn’t always going to wait for us to seek Him. One day His boat is going to sail straight to paradise, bringing His own to be with Him, and we sure don’t want to miss the boat.  seek-the-lordMissing the boat is a familiar American saying, I am sure you have heard it.  I don’t want to miss anything that the Lord has for me, and I especially want to go to be with Him.  It would be horrible to miss eternity with the Lord.  The other option on the travel menu, which is eternity in hell is just not in my travel plans.  I hope it is not in yours.  A day is coming, when the Lord is coming for His own.  Don’t miss the  boat!

Walking The Path

Walking on the path of Gods Commandments path-of-commandments is a happy place to walk, much like this beautiful path in the California Redwoods.  Walking in His commandments is to be delighted in, because if you obey His commandments, you can walk freely.  No need to look over your shoulder.  Living within His commands is a wonderful life, free of guilt and condemnation.  A life in the commandments is an uncomplicated life.  No envy or covetousness.  No murder or theft.  No other Gods or graven images.  Honoring your parents is the only commandment with a promise!  A promise of a long life.  That must be very important to the Lord that you honor your parents.  Keep the Sabbath day  holy.  Never take the Lords name in vain.  Do not commit adultery.  Never bare false witness about your neighbor or friend.  If we do all of these things, what a wonderful world  it would be.  For us personally it is a  happy life.  However if you have failed these commandments at any time. There is the Lords merciful forgiveness.  Ask and you shall  receive!  P.S. Exodus 31:17-18  Moses states that the Finger of God wrote the 10 Commandments!

Armor of God

Yes it is an evil day that we live in.  It seems as thougharmour-of-god things have become more evil as time goes by. This means that we have to be even more vigilant than before.  We have to  put on the whole Armour of God.  We must cover our legs with the truth, and put on a breastplate of righteousness.  Shod our feet with the gospel of peace.  The shield of faith is most important to stop all the fiery darts of the wicked one.  Put on the helmet of salvation, to protect our head(brain) from evil thoughts.  Always carry the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God.  Carry it in your heart, be able to use it to stand against our enemy the devil.  Put this armour on every day, and live a victorious  life.


“Blessed are the Peacemakers; for thy shall be called the children of God.” Matthew 5:9.  What does that really  mean?  The dictionary says a peacemaker is one who establishes peace, with a person, group, or nation.  Reconciling people who disagree, quarrel, or fight.  This sounds like a huge responsibility.  But really it is a characteristic that we as Christians should always have. We know in certain situations there are those people who will fuel the already raging fire, just to see the explosion for various reasons all of which are ungodly.  We as Christians should always be the ones to put out the fire.  Sometimes we have to put out our own fire of anger and chose to go the way of peace.  We are not to delight in the quarrels and fights of others.  If we do anything it should be to show the way of peace in the situation.  Show the right way, what ever that may be.  Blessed arepeacemakers the Peacemakers, Lord help me to be one.

Peace In A Photo

If I were to try to capture peace in a photo, this would be the one.   peace-at-the-barnI took this outside of Park City, Utah.  I can feel the serenity when I look at this picture.  However peace cannot be attained from a photo..  Peace comes from the Lord.  Along with peace comes strength. That makes total sense to me because when my life is peaceful, I always feel stronger.  I love these wonderful benefits that the Lord gives us.  Better than any insurance policy written. l Thank you Lord.