Born Again 2

Yesterday we looked at being born again from a butterflies perspective.  Today we will look at being born again from the perspective of being born as man.  It is so important to understand the full meaning of this statement in John.  Marvel not that I said unto thee, you must be born again.  John 3:7  This statement has been scoffed  at by many who made fun of those Born Agains.  Clearly they have no understanding of what this means.  When a lot of the demeaning talk of Born Agains began is when Jimmy Carter while running for President said he was a Born Again Christian.   It brought this term from the Bible to light.  Jimmy might not go down as a great president, but he was not ashamed to say that He was Born Again.  This is what it means, and how we become Born Again;

I say unto thee, except a man be Born of water and the spirit, He cannot enter the kingdom of God.  John 3:5    Being born of water is when we are born from our mothers womb.  We are encased in water in the womb, the water breaks and we are born.  That is the first birth.   We grow as a man and the time comes when we must be born of the spirit.  It’s different for everyone but we all must be born of the spirit to be able to enter the kingdom of God.   Entering the Kingdom of God is life changing.  We do become a new creature, like the butterfly.   We might look the same but on the inside we are brand new.  Old things are passed away and we are new creations.  We began a new journey, one that is walking with the Lord.  We have given our life to Him, and will live eternally with Him.  When we do come to the Lord and give our life to Him he forgives us of our sins those are all the old things. We are now born of the Spirit.  We start out on our journey with the Lord  brand new.  Don’t miss it, being Born Again is very real, and important in every life.   Lets all become butterflies and be set free from our old life.

Marvel Not

Born Again?

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a butterfly migration?  I have had this blessing in my life twice and I will say it is the sweetest magical moment. I live in Colorado and we are in the middle of a butterfly migration right now.  If I step out into my back yard butterflies will circle my head and even touch my face.  I can see two or three on a flower at the same time.  Feeling very blessed!  A precious gift from the Lord! These in my back yard are Painted Ladies.  I have always loved these creatures and love using their life cycle to explain being born again.  These Beauties will lay an egg, that egg will hatch a caterpillar, and that caterpillar will crawl around on its belly for a while living a very lowly life.  It than spins a cocoon around itself.  Time passes and than one day that caterpillar begins to move in that cocoon and wiggle Born of the Spiritits way out.  It is surprised to find out that it has wings and can now fly.  Instead of a sometimes thorny worm it has become a beautiful butterfly that can fly around the flowers and is free. Not relegated to a life of crawling, but now enjoying flight.  Much like us before we know the Lord we are like that caterpillar, life confined to crawling around verses when we come to know the Lord. We can now spread our wings and fly with the Lord.  I’m a butterfly,I was born again, are you?