Forty Nine Wonderful Years

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My how the time flys by.  A marriage made in heaven, I am sure.  We Have experienced so much over this span of time.  Always busy which does make time go so fast. I would advise couples now to use your time wisely.  We sometimes can give time to things that really don’t have any significant importance in eternity. We are at the place now where we are hoping for more time.  We love each other so much we just can’t imagine it could ever end.  I just love the Lord so much I just don’t want to stop serving Him.  I love my Jerry so much I don’t want to leave Him and he feels the same.   We are blessed!!!!I prayed Jerry into my life.  I had been through a very hurtful breakup and was at the point of not trusting anyone.  I had advise from my aunt, that I needed to go and work where the real people were..  I had been in modeling and I guess these people were not real in her eyes.  I asked where are the real people,  she told me they were in a factory.  She and my uncle had spent a major part of their life in the aircraft industry.  Those were the real people.   So I started to look for the real people.  I only found one place that sounded like it might be a factory.  A company making landmines, napalm bombs, Zuni rockets, and on and on it went. All things being made for the Vietnam War.  So I went to apply.  I was hired to be an assembler.  It was so intricate and I was so slow, they quickly moved me to riveting bulkheads. Have you ever heard of Molly the riviter?  I was a slow riveter,  very slow, and scared to death I would be rejected.  I only had nice cloths from my modeling days and really couldn’t afford a new wardrobe so all of these real people looked at me very strangely, even asking me if they could pick up some work cloths for me. So, embarassing  One day  there was A buzz in the building that the plant manager was doing a walk through.  I was trying to rivet as fast as I could, on this very loud machine, and Bam, here comes the plant manager and another really cute gentleman right to my station.  I was shaking in my boots.  The plant manager took me to a nearby office and asked me what on earth was I doing there?  I cried, and said I needed a job, and was told the real people were at factory’s.  He smiled and said do you know how to do anything? I was really shaking by now.  He said do you type?  I said yes I can type.  He than asked me if I would like to take a challenge, to which I said yes.  He then asked me to be His secretary and Off of the factory floor I went.  Not long after that I met my now husband, a plant superintendent.  We fell in love and the rest is history.  But its fun to tell people we met in a bomb factory.    I was so devastated by my other bad experience, I had asked for help and prayer because I felt so lost and violated.   My friend said come over every night on your way home from work and we will pray for the real prince charming to rise up and ask you out.  We prayed every day for 2 weeks and low and behold.  I got the call.  The Lord answered that prayer and so many other prayers through this wonderful man Jerry. He was my Prince Charming. Pray and look for the real people, the ones who are not trying to put out a false persona, and dishonest about who they really were.  Jerry was my REAL Man.   Trust the Lord in everything!!!  You will never regret it.

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My desire is to share my photography, to honor the Lord, and send out His word to all who might read. My photo's will include a scripture,and I write a devotional for each entry. The very least that I can do for our precious Lord Jesus. I am a wife to Jerry, my wonderful husband. We have 5 children, and 7 granchildren.

4 thoughts on “Forty Nine Wonderful Years”

  1. Loved this story! Did not know you were a riveter…just that you are RIVETING! I’m sure Jerry thinks so too. Honestly, Jim and I feel the same way about each other. As we get older we can’t imagine not being together. We love each other so much! We’re praying for a 50 year congratulations for you if the Lord tarries.

    Love you both!

    Connie and Jim


  2. Debbie, it was so nice to see you on my computer this morning. You are such a sweetheart. How is your husband and his cancer battle? I think of you all the time. I pray you are doing well. WE have been on a pretty rough road here but still trying to serve the Lord where we are. Love you my friend, Darlene


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