Nothing, Can Separate Us From The Love of God.

Nothing can seperate UsAs we travel life’s path, there are times when things will come in and try to separate us from that precious love of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I myself though I know and love the Lord can also be tested and through fear and anxiety.  The enemy will even try to tell you there is no God.  A very common tactic when someone becomes overwhelmed in a life experience.  My Life experience is Fighting cancer as hard as I can with the Lords help, holding me here.  I had a huge reality check when the doctor told me my battle was going down hill now.  I felt like someone kicked me in my heart and soul.  I went into a darkness I have never felt before.  I couldn’t eat, smile, or do anything but cry.  But I knew the Lord was near.  I cried out for help, and he heard my cry and delivered me from that dark place.  Nothing, no nothing can separate us from our Lord.  I praise Him that he brought me back to being me.  I am up and ready to fight on.  Making plans for my next Tea For Women with Cancer.  Part of me thinks that is why I went there when I heard the state of my cancer.  So I know how to help these wonderful women that the Lord has brought into my life through the Tea.