Seek and Wait


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I took this photo on a beautiful early morning on Kanipali Beach in Maui.  When we travel, I love to get up early when everything is quiet and the day is cool and fresh.  Every day we are given is such a blessing.  I spotted this man at the ocean’s edge in deep thought as he watched the waves come in.   I wondered what he might be thinking, or praying.  What a perfect place to seek the Lord one might say, I thought it.  However any place is the perfect place to seek the Lord.  He wants to hear from us on our bed, cleaning the house, doing our daily walks even when we are at our desk at work. I do admit Maui is kinda perfect!  He wants to do good for us. Sometimes we have to wait, and be patient, but He is faithful.  Seek Him and wait and see what happens!  As you do this your relationship with the Lord will grow, and grow.  What can be better than that?

Lead Me To The Rock



Hear my cry, O God; attend unto my  prayer.  From the end of the earth will I cry  unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.  The Lord is  our  Rock and he is so much higher than Us. Sometimes we need to be led.  Things can get so desperate, we need someone to lead us to the Lord. It might feel like our prayers are not being heard , and of course the enemy of our souls would  love us to believe that.  This is how we as Christians can serve the Lord.  We can be that one to calmly, sweetly break through the fog of distress and get you back to the Rock who was there all the time.  We can feel very small at times like this and often need a hand to hold us up.  Nothing changed.  Jesus was always there but sometimes needs someone to be His hand extended.  If you look very hard in the above photo, there is a mountain goat.  So tiny he is standing on that Rock.  If you know anyone  who is  feeling tiny, trying to find the Rock, reach out and show the way.


The Lord Preserves Us

preserve youWhat a wonderful Scripture to end the day with, and what a spectacular  sunset this was at a lake near Steamboat, Colorado.  My Son took  me and my granddaughter, and her other grandmother to this place so we could see this sunset and marvel at the sight.   He did not disappoint ! I was clicking as fast as I could to get this beautiful Image.  The Lord is so good to  give us such beauty to look at each night.  My Husbands Mother said, “The sunset is a lady and the Lord dresses her in a new evening gown every evening.”  I loved  her words and her love for  the Lord.  She taught me a lot, I was  blessed to have her.  My Mom passed away when I was 18.  The Lord knows just what we need,  and He gave me Ellen.  She sure raised up a wonderful son, the best part is we found each other in this big world full of  people.  Thank you Lord for all  of these blessings.  Think about your blessings today.  I am sure you have many!

Jesus Is Alive

Jesus Sign 2While driving down a highway somewhere in Nevada I spotted this sign.  Of course My sweet husband stopped for me and drove off the highway so I could get my best shot.  It spoke volumes to me, and I hope to many passersby also.  I hate it that so many have left Him on the cross or worse, a baby in a manger.  He is alive, He went to His disciples and talked to them.  Thomas got to touch His nail scared hands and feet.  Thomas is better known as doubting Thomas.  He needed that to help his unbelief.  But it is so true He lives with all of us who believe.  He hears every prayer, and words spoken .  Sometimes I just talk to Him as I drive or have time in my garden.  I pray by seeing this sign and scripture someone will speak out to the Lord and tell Him that they believe.  Start the best relationship you can ever have.  He waits to hear from every one of us.  Don’t keep Him waiting any longer.

My Beloved Is Mine


My BelovedWhen  I took this photo at a Botanical Garden in Steamboat, Colorado I saw myself under that umbrella with my beloved.  I am His!! As I look at this photo and scripture now, I hear that old hymn “Oh how I love Jesus, because he first loved me, sweetly singing in my ear.”  The umbrella was alone on a huge green lawn bordered by a beautiful pond full of blooming lily pads.  The umbrella with a cloth under it and two drinks caused me to think about sitting with the Lord there on that lawn.  What kind of a conversation would we have?  The first thing that came to mind for me was “What can I do for you?”He than said to me in my thought, I gave all and did all, but I love it when you serve me.  I said” It is an honor to serve you Jesus, I love you.”

Come under that umbrella today and think about what you would say to Jesus face to face on that cloth having a sip of something refreshing on a beautiful day.  Let your mind go to that place, you will be blessed.  

What Concerns You Today?


Perfect that which concerneth meThat is quite a question for today.  It seems like things are spinning out of control in the world around us.  Our Nation Is so divided.  Our President is under constant attacks from so many.  Nothing He has done is seen with anything but contempt.  Gangs are a growing problem.  immigration, drugs, family’s needing help to hold together.  North Korea, and the Middle East.  All of this is too much and too big for little old me or you.  We Have to pray about these things that concern us.  The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me:  His mercy endures forever.  We need to tell Him our concerns.  He cares , and won’t forsake us.  Remember, nothing is too hard for Him, and He is faithful!  He loves you so much, Don’t worry the Lord is taking care of your concerns.

Nothing, Can Separate Us From The Love of God.

Nothing can seperate UsAs we travel life’s path, there are times when things will come in and try to separate us from that precious love of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I myself though I know and love the Lord can also be tested and through fear and anxiety.  The enemy will even try to tell you there is no God.  A very common tactic when someone becomes overwhelmed in a life experience.  My Life experience is Fighting cancer as hard as I can with the Lords help, holding me here.  I had a huge reality check when the doctor told me my battle was going down hill now.  I felt like someone kicked me in my heart and soul.  I went into a darkness I have never felt before.  I couldn’t eat, smile, or do anything but cry.  But I knew the Lord was near.  I cried out for help, and he heard my cry and delivered me from that dark place.  Nothing, no nothing can separate us from our Lord.  I praise Him that he brought me back to being me.  I am up and ready to fight on.  Making plans for my next Tea For Women with Cancer.  Part of me thinks that is why I went there when I heard the state of my cancer.  So I know how to help these wonderful women that the Lord has brought into my life through the Tea.

A New Beginning

DSC_3622It is never to late in life for a new beginning.  Age or health problems out of my way!  When the Lord calls you He will equip you no matter where you are in life.  As many of you know, I have stage 4 advanced cancer.  It began in my kidney, and caused a loss of that kidney.  Then it metastasized to my lympnodes, and on to the lungs.  The nodules in my lungs have progressed from three to seven and my last progression was to the bones.  I have cancer in my right hip and left femur.  Then add on the fact that I am 74 and guess what, The Lord will use you no matter what state you are in.  I know this, I am alive and feel very blessed because the Lord is carrying me.  He carrys us all and the least we can do is help Him carry the big load of getting His word out to His people.

I have felt a calling to people with Cancer since the beginning of my journey with this disease.  I have, passed out my photos with scripture verses, to every one at the cancer center that I go to.  Even the staff has become accustomed to my bookmarks as I laminate them.  I also make something as a gift to every one with the scripture card.  I am assured thru their enthusiasm that they love my little ministry.  It helps me as well, to keep my mind on these good things and not the cancer that I fight.   Recently I started feeling another tug on my heart and it was for the women that I see on a regular basis.  They are my friends and in most cases on first name bases.  With this tug I ask the Lord what can I do for Him because I just want to serve Him until he takes me home.  He answered my question with, have a tea for those women with cancer.  It has begun.  Small beginnings should never be forsaken.

I had my first Tea on the second Wednesday of April.  I wanted it to be special, not clinical.  I went to a hospital and got a room to have the tea.  My precious family came right to my side.  My sweet husband said he would support this new ministry financially.  My daughters, and granddaughters were at my side to help me carry what I needed to the hospital.  I took all of my 25 teacups and saucers.  Three teapots, I made little cupcakes with flowers on top.  Two different tea sandwiches, My daughter inlaw made some yummy pinwheels.  I had cookies and a big bowl of beautiful assorted grapes.   Lace table cloths, fancy serving dishes, A huge floral from my again sweet husband.  It looked beautiful there in the other wise bland conference room.  No one came!  The beautiful thing was there were my kids, and grandkids and they all caught the vision.  I did the tea just like the room was full.  We had tea and I gave my mini message.  My family was touched.  They said this was just a practice tea.  You cant quit.  They all committed to help me go forward.  I had handed out 150 invitations with gift and had posters up at the cancer center.  So it could have been devastating to me, but its not over.  My second one will be in June.    I say all of this to say with everything that is in you no matter where you are in life.  Do something for Him.

I love all of you, and I am sorry that this is my first writing of 2018.  I had some Chemo changes and not feeling too good I quit writing, but Im back up and going again here on WordPress.

Born Again 2

Yesterday we looked at being born again from a butterflies perspective.  Today we will look at being born again from the perspective of being born as man.  It is so important to understand the full meaning of this statement in John.  Marvel not that I said unto thee, you must be born again.  John 3:7  This statement has been scoffed  at by many who made fun of those Born Agains.  Clearly they have no understanding of what this means.  When a lot of the demeaning talk of Born Agains began is when Jimmy Carter while running for President said he was a Born Again Christian.   It brought this term from the Bible to light.  Jimmy might not go down as a great president, but he was not ashamed to say that He was Born Again.  This is what it means, and how we become Born Again;

I say unto thee, except a man be Born of water and the spirit, He cannot enter the kingdom of God.  John 3:5    Being born of water is when we are born from our mothers womb.  We are encased in water in the womb, the water breaks and we are born.  That is the first birth.   We grow as a man and the time comes when we must be born of the spirit.  It’s different for everyone but we all must be born of the spirit to be able to enter the kingdom of God.   Entering the Kingdom of God is life changing.  We do become a new creature, like the butterfly.   We might look the same but on the inside we are brand new.  Old things are passed away and we are new creations.  We began a new journey, one that is walking with the Lord.  We have given our life to Him, and will live eternally with Him.  When we do come to the Lord and give our life to Him he forgives us of our sins those are all the old things. We are now born of the Spirit.  We start out on our journey with the Lord  brand new.  Don’t miss it, being Born Again is very real, and important in every life.   Lets all become butterflies and be set free from our old life.

Marvel Not

Born Again?

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a butterfly migration?  I have had this blessing in my life twice and I will say it is the sweetest magical moment. I live in Colorado and we are in the middle of a butterfly migration right now.  If I step out into my back yard butterflies will circle my head and even touch my face.  I can see two or three on a flower at the same time.  Feeling very blessed!  A precious gift from the Lord! These in my back yard are Painted Ladies.  I have always loved these creatures and love using their life cycle to explain being born again.  These Beauties will lay an egg, that egg will hatch a caterpillar, and that caterpillar will crawl around on its belly for a while living a very lowly life.  It than spins a cocoon around itself.  Time passes and than one day that caterpillar begins to move in that cocoon and wiggle Born of the Spiritits way out.  It is surprised to find out that it has wings and can now fly.  Instead of a sometimes thorny worm it has become a beautiful butterfly that can fly around the flowers and is free. Not relegated to a life of crawling, but now enjoying flight.  Much like us before we know the Lord we are like that caterpillar, life confined to crawling around verses when we come to know the Lord. We can now spread our wings and fly with the Lord.  I’m a butterfly,I was born again, are you?