His Grace

His StrengthMy strength is made perfect in weakness!  When the Lords written word is revealed to us and no longer are just words, it is called Rhema in the greek.  On this cancer journey, many of the Lords words have become Rhema to me.  I am experiencing his word.  We have all had Rehema times as we are studying His word.  Times when the words just pop off of the page and into your heart.  I am very aware of the scripture for today, as I walk in it.  I know that I am weak, but amazingly I stand up with strength and live my life.  I am on a new Chemo now because my last one allowed some progression of the cancer.  The new one which is my fourth one, is difficult.  They all come with their own set of symptoms.  But the Lord is raising me up in the midst of this treatment.  Initially I was so ill I didn’t think it was possible to take it, but I just finished week two and I am here to write about it this morning.  I love the Lord so much, I can’t imagine life without Him.  We all need Him all the time.  It may not be cancer in your life, but every life has its trials and challenges.  I am currently praying for a family who’s son was in a horrible car accident and he is in a coma.  Bobby Asa is his name.  They are living this scripture right now.  He is in His sixth day of coma today.  Has many injury’s that are life threatening.  Pray for this family.  Bobby needs a miracle, and the family needs strength.  The Lord is so faithful to be there in our time of need. I will glory in my infirmities so that His power will rest upon me.!!


forgiveI’m still in the Garden today.  I think a lot when I am out there.  Today I pulled weeds, a daily job when you want your garden to thrive.  Unforgiveness to me is like weeds in my garden.  It keeps people from thriving.  The weeds will choke out beautiful flowers and literally take away their beauty, and then their life.  Unforgiveness does much of the same.  It soon grows roots of bitterness that makes for a very unhappy and sometimes unlovely person. Bitterness is not a pretty thing.  It can even make a person sick.   Jesus says we must forgive to be forgiven.  Have you forgiven?001 collage (1)

In My Garden

In my garden, I find a great feeling of peace.  My mind is clear of everything else and I have time to listen to the Lord.  I think about things like living peacefully with all men.  The scripture says if it is possible live peacefully with all men.  There are circumstances and evil that make it difficult to live peacefully with everyone.  However there a many that we can live peacefully with that we just ignore, or just walk the other way.  People in our own family or work place.  It can even be a potential wonderful relationship that we are missing.  The Lord says “as much as lieth in you, live peacefully with all men.  Sometimes it takes everything you’ve got to reach out the hand in peace.   So if it is possible smile and love those around you, the rewards can be astounding for the kingdom.  We can’t fully serve the Lord in our own little garden.  We must reach out of our peaceful place so others can know peace the peace that we know.  Aww what a wonderful world it would be.My Garden

All Things Are Possible

PossibleIn life, we all face and come up against impossible things.  We can’t even imagine how we can get through the situation, condition, or reach our dreams and desires.  Often it just seems IMPOSSIBLE.  With men and women, yes many things and desires are impossible, but with God all things are possible!  What ever thing you are facing, that mountain you are trying to climb with God you can do it.  Rest in that knowledge today.  I saw this uniquely beautiful plant shelf in South Dakota.  We rented a cabin on a large ranch and while walking the property I came upon this.  

A New Creation

Thinking about the fact that I am a new creation today.  I am in Christ, when I came to Christ my old past sins and worldly behavior passed away  and the new did come.  I am so thankful for that.  The enemy of our soul would try to take this very thing from us and pour  condemnation upon us.  But I love living the Christ life that He has given me.  With that comes the mind of Christ.  We get that  too! 1Corinthians 2:16 says that “For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.” We in no  way can instruct Him, but he has given us His mind that we may be able to understand and move in his spirit. We are able to battle through the mind games in life.  We are a new creation!!!

New Creation

Happy Father’s Day — Flowers

I am thanking God for my dear dad today. 🙂 My dad has been one of the pillars in my life and I’m greatful for his influence over me. Just like my Heavenly Father, he chose to adopt me into his family. (I was adopted when I was 9 years old.) Maybe today is a […]  Written by my daughter, its so lovely, I had to share it!  Darlene

via Happy Father’s Day — Flowers

One Blood

one bloodI can sincerely say that we are all one blood.  My husband and I adopted 4 little Korean girls and I can say with certainty they feel like our blood.  We have our natural-born boy Chris also and those girls are so close with us, It feels like I may have had them!!Mom Chris and Baby Grace  Of course there is much help given by the spirit of adoption.  If we all had that mentality there would not be the problems of race that we now see.  But its not a perfect world.  That’s why we need Jesus.  Lets try to be more accepting of others of another nationality. ” We are all  one blood.  From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. ”  Acts 17:21AIRPORTThis was taken when they arrived at the airport.  The tiny girl we already had as she was our first adoption.  Chris our son was so excited, and our girls were so scared.  They have all grown to be wonderful men and women.  We are so proud of our blood children.