Troubled But Not Distressed

In ChristWhen we are in Christ, and we have the mind of Christ.  We have the ability to walk through the storms of life and have peace in the midst of trouble.  We can wonder why, but not despair over it.  We just trust the Lord.  persecution may come, but we hold our heads up high because we know that Jesus never leaves us or forsakes us.  Being cast down means to  actually be down on our backs and not able to get up on our own. The the Lord picks us up during those times.  We are a blessed people, knowing that Jesus will bring us through the things that would normally drive us crazy or tear us down.  The mind of Christ which we have, is not crazy.  We may have these experiences, but we are able to handle them because of Jesus.  Thank You Lord!!!

Jesus, The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever

Bodie doneAs I have traveled, I always love to see the wonderful old churches, that can be found around our country.  They can be in the middle of paradise,  in green country pastures, and sometimes in the dry dusty desert.  There has always been a remnant of people in any loation that will build a place of wordship.  As I stand in these lovely  churches or even view them from afar my mind goes to that time, and who these people might have been.  I am also reminded that Jesus is the same, yesterday,today,and forever.  This church is in Bodi, California circa 1800’s.  I think of the joy these people had as they built this church, board by board to honor and worship the Lord.  Today many in the body of Christ meet in warehouses, store fronts, and the like, but no matter where we meet he is there with us, he has never changed and never will .                                         

Never Alone

AloneWhen I took this photo, I knew right away the scripture that was to go on it.  Alone at the end of the earth, that is what I saw here.  I think we have all been there in our lives.  Through circumstance or events, sometimes of our own making we feel very alone and overwhelmed.  At times like this we feel very small and helpless.  The good news is that at times like that our Rock who is Jesus Christ is there to hear our desperate cries.  He wants us to cry unto him and not the hand of man or the world.  We just need to get to the Rock, he is so much higher than any of our troubles. 

Love The Lord

There are times in life when we are not sure if we are loved back when we love.  It’s really hard to know for sure about love and it can sometimes lead to heartache.  But you can be sure if you love the Lord your God you will be loved back many times over.  The next part of the above scripture means several things to me.  Seek him early.  Why waste your life thinking you will wait til you have sewn all of your wild oats.  Time you could have spent with the Lord is wasted in those  years.   Second point of seek him early is; rise early in the morning when the dew is still on the grass and  all is quiet.  Meet the Lord in the morning light, for prayer.  Meet him as you read the Word with him.  Or just walk and talk with him.  I find that the best time of all.  That beautiful quiet time makes it easy to hear the still small voice of the Lord.

Joyful Noise

What is a joyful noise?  Well joy is the epitome of happy.  You can be joyful when you are pleased, blessed or thankful.  The Lord does all of these things for us.  We are blessed, have much to be thankful for and I personally am very pleased with my Lord.   That joyful noise can be singing joyfully unto the Lord.  You can even make up your own song to the Lord, he loves hearing that joyful noise.  You say “but I can’t sing.” Remember It says noise!  We can praise him joyfully as we pray.  Tell him how happy you are, and how blessed you are to know him.  Think if you were the Lord, and all you heard was sad needs and complaints. He wants to hear the great things and the joyful things in our lives.  He deserves our joyful praises!  Make some joyful noises today.  This little guy is my grandson.  He is now 15 and a fine young man.


Whales Tale doneAs we walk along life’s path with our Lord, seek out his wonders.  They are very instrumental in building our faith and love of the Father.  A wonder is something awe-inspiring.  Something far superior to anything.  The dictionary even says a wonder can be a miracle. The saying goes, take time and smell the roses.  I would say take time and see the wonders. I was in Alaska here and it was a wonderous moment.  I was in awe and so thankful that I had the opportunity to take this photo.  I saw a wonder!!  A wonder can be right where you are.  His wonders are all around us, the sky, the stars, the moon.  A baby is a wonder beyond our comprehension.  They are little miracles.  Today think about his wonders, and in life take time to see the wonders of the Lord our God.


Forgive doneUn-forgiveness is a seed that grows into bitterness.  It is like a cancer that will eat away at an otherwise happy man or woman.  Those roots of bitterness go deep  and are very painful, shattering every vestige of peace.  But most importantly the Word says that if we forgive the people who have hurt us and made us angry, he will also forgive us.  Matthew goes on to say that if we don’t forgive men their trespasses, our Heavenly Father will not forgive us. That is a strong word from the Lord, because he knows the unhappy life that can result in un-forgiveness. If we are in pursuit of the Lord and want to be like him, we need to take a good look at his character.  He is gentle, kind, and full of mercy.  Most of all, he is full of love and forgiveness.  So whatever it is that you have been holding on to, let it go.  Invite the Lord to pull that root of bitterness out .  It is then that you will find true happiness.  Let this be a day of forgiveness.